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Because Your Cat Can Never be to Relaxed

Your cat can benefit from therapeutic touch/massage if she's gone through trauma or recovering from an injury or illness. You cat may be shy at first about getting therapeutic touch from you, so start slowly. Remember your cat is very small and fragile, in spite of the claws! So be VERY gentle as you learn what your cat likes. Lightly rub his tummy in a circular motion to aid digestion. Most cats love to be lightly scratched on their back right above the tail. From there you can work outwards to the hind legs. Most cats will allow you do do this while they are sitting. When your cat is laying down, gently run your fingers down the side of his body on either side of his spine, making sure not to rub directly on his spine.

Most cats don't like to have their back paws touched, and almost all cats have one or two areas that are off limits until they trust you more (and sometimes not even then). Always be gentle and reassuring. Once your cat gets used to her therapeutic touch, she will probably point you to the area she likes to have rubbed the most.

Massaging you cat lightly will not only bring her much satisfaction, it will help keep her healthy by stimulating circulation. You can also use this time to inspect for any unusual lumps, bumps, or tenderness that may need further attention or a trip to the vet. An excellent book for learning to massage your cat is "The Healing Touch for Cats - The Proven Program" by Dr. Michael W. Fox.

And don't forget the cats favorite spot - under the chin! That's the one place our flexible friends can't reach when cleaning, Anytime you scratch or rub them under the chin or on the fluffy side of the face, watch how their eyes half close and they stretch their neck to "assist" you in getting to their soft spot!

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