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A Non Stressful Solution

Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal medicine is the basis of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Acupuncture is mainly used for functional problems such as pain, paralysis, and non-infectious inflammatory conditions (such as allergies).

Since most states in the US require a licence to practice veterinary medicine as a prerequisite to practicing veterinary acupuncture, you'll need to see a vet who specializes in acupuncture. More vets are offering this form of treatment as they seek ways to help animals with joint disease, arthritis, injuries and chronic health issues.


Lunas Experience with Acupuncture

Luna has experienced acupuncture for a mysterious injury to his hind leg. One day I came home to find him limping and dragging his leg. When he sat down, it just dangled like it no longer had any tendons. He didn't seem to be in pain, but also didn't care to have anybody touch him on that leg. First we went to a traditional vet who examined the mysterious injury and said that surgery was the only option. I really didn't want to subject him (or my wallet) to surgery.

We then found a vet specializing in acupuncture. Luna was very calm and zen during the whole treatment, he sat still as the needles were inserted, and was quiet for the entire 20 minutes required for the needles to be in place. For some cats, acupuncture comes naturally, not all cats take to it as well as Luna did. After his first treatment, when he came home he hopped right out of his carrier and was almost back to normal. No limping or dangling his leg. After about two weeks, he started limping again and I took him back for a follow-up. After that, the leg steadily grew stronger and needed no more treatments. Although it took about six months before the leg was completely back to normal, the acupuncture defiantly speeded up the healing process and saved Luna some discomfort.

If you've had acupuncture, or your concerned about it causing discomfort to your cat, according to the vet we used cats don't feel the needles the same way as we do. Their skin is very flexible and moves over the muscles.

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