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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy has been used worldwide to treat animals for over 200 years.

Most homeopathic remedies have few or no side effects. Safe and gentle, homeopathic remedies are a great way to improve your pets quality of life. Related healing systems include Bach’s Flower essences.


The essence of Homeopathy is the focus on restoring the body to health, and strengthening the immune system so that it can fight disease. The basic principle is “like cures like”, known as the “law of similars” acknowledged by Hippocrates. The patient is treated with very small amounts of substances known to cause symptoms similar to the patient’s symptoms triggering the immune system to go into action, resulting in the body using its own energy to cure the illness.

Instead of giving medicine to cover up symptoms of illness, homeopathy treats the whole-body with the goal of achieving balance. When a cure takes place, the original symptoms of dis-ease go away and your pet also feels more lively, energetic and happy.

Homeopathy was developed by Dr. Samuel Hanemann in Germany. Almost 200 years old, homeopathy is a gentle curative approach to illness and disease.

How Treatment Works

Homeopathy treats the body instead of the disease. Each animal is individually evaluated regarding personality, preferences, discomfort and emotional well-being. Together, these traits point to a specific cure for your cat.

For the best results, look for a veterinarian who as gone above and beyond their training to either include or exclusively use homeopathic remedies as a way of healing their patients. Many vets have become discouraged and disappointed with the stresses of modern medicine on pets and have decided to look for better answers to their patients ailments.

Many homeopathic vets will treat over the phone, giving your animals a break from visiting the scary veterinarians office. Treatment consists of an over-the-phone evaluation which will last from 45 minutes to an hour or more. You will be asked many questions about your pets condition. The homeopathic veterinarian will then take this information and do research to discover the best remedy which will be mailed to you. The remedy is a small white dose and there will be instructions on how to deliver it to your animal. After the dosing, you will need to keep an eye on your cat to note symptoms. Usually you'll know within a short time if the cure has worked. You'll have a follow-up with the vet to discuss the results. Depending on the results another cure may or may not be recommended.

Some issues will be cured with one treatment, some will need a longer course of treatment. Keep the lines of communication with your homeopathic vet open.

What Does it Treat?

Homeopathy will treat physical as well as emotional issues. Is your cat fearful or aggressive? Something is out of balance, and homeopathic remedies can help (Juno had been receiving homeopathic remedies for fear/aggression and I'm happy to report the problem is gone for over two years now.)

There are some over the counter remedies that work on specific problems. Theses may or may not work depending on the underlying issues. They are worth a try, especially for emotional issues.

Keep an open mind, and both you and your cat will see an improvement.

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