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A Cat Treat with Bonus Effects!

There are a large number of herbal tonics that you can purchase online for your cat. These herbal tonics are made from a mixture of herbs and are a liquid that you can either squirt into your cats mouth or put into her food. Most cats don't mind them and some cats even like them as a treat. They are created with the taste buds of a cat in mind, and are usually sweet.

You'll find many different tonics for any cat ailment. With tonics, you need to be patient as they take a while to take effect. Some companies have an 800 number and will give you advice on which tonics to use for your cat. It's always a good idea to get a recommendation. Use them as a gentle curative, and as a follow-up and maintenance plan.

They work for both physical and emotional issues. If you're planning a stressful event, such as traveling with your cat or moving, look into a calming, tranquility blend. There are also blends for digestive problems, UTI's, respiratory ailments, and more.

Usually they will suggest giving the product for a number of days, and then taking off a few days. And some tonics if given to long, can become ineffective as your cat's system builds up an immunity. It's ok to take some time off from tonics.

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