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Household Hazards
Important things to know:

Any product containing PHENOL is particularity deadly:

Room deodorizers
Dishwashing detergents

If a cat walks through something poisonous, she'll clean her paws, especially if it smalls disagreeable. That's the quickest way for a cat to ingest a harmful substance. If you think your cat has eaten something poisonous (plants, antifreeze, pills, etc) call the ASPCA:

1-888-ANI-HELP • (1-888-426-4435)

Their National Animal Poison Control Center charges a $30 consultation fee which can be paid by credit card.

Toxic Plants

Should your cat eat part of a poisonous plant, rush the cat to your veterinarian as soon as possible. If you can, take the plant with you for ease of identification.<

Lilies are DEADLY to cats !! ALL LILLY PLANTS: Tiger Lily, Easter Lily, Japanese Show Lily, Oriental Lily, Stargazer Lily, Lily of the Valley, floral lilies. Ingesting any part of the plant causes irreversible kidney failure within 36-72 hours. Please rush your cat to your vet if you even suspect that he ate any part of a lily. When a cat starts showing signs of distress, it is often too late to save him.

Toxic Plants List from the ASPCA


Human Food Your Cat CAN NOT EAT

Many cats crave people food, but these foods can be poisonous to your feline (this is not an all inclusive list):

- Alcohol

- Caffeine: coffee, soda, tea

- Chives

- Chocolate

- Garlic

- Grapes

- Onions

- Raisins

- Xylitol - sweetener found in mints, gums, candies, powdered form

- Yeast Dough

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