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About & catblog

We're here to share our experiences on cat care the natural way with alternatives to commercial food and conventional medical practices.

The ideas presented here are simple things that you can do on a daily basis to enhance your cats physical and emotional health. We do advocate using professional vets when necessary, but feel it's important to become an active part of the team that keeps your cat healthy. Learning to communicate with your cats caregivers is also important to your cats overall well-being.

It's our belief that cats are being feed commercial food that is detrimental to their health. They are over-medicated, and given to many tests and procedures. Although the progress made in medicine has done many good things, we believe that Prevention is Still The Best Medicine!

Products recommended on this site have been tested and approved by the staff. Although this approval process is unscientific at best, it's based on observation, experience, and trial and error. What works for us may or may not work for you and your cats. was created to share the following philosophies:

Rescue and adopt:
Never purchase retail - and always spay/neuter. Support the ethical treatment of all animals, and donate what you can (time, money, or information)

Keep your cat healthy
Good diet, alternative treatments, and preventative medicines. Use a vet in conjunction with your holistic practitioner. Consider alternatives to commercial food.

Product Knowledge
Learn about and keep up to date with the best natural products for your cats.

Enjoy living with cats
Appreciate their beauty and wisdom, and, of course, do everything you can to make their lives as wonderful as possible*

*this last suggestion comes from Merlot, our editor-in-chief


How We Got Started
When Merlot was 1 year old, I noticed a bald spot about the size of a quarter on his left back leg. My vet, althought very knowledgable, was not able to explain or cure it. And it started getting bigger. This is what started my journey with homeopathic and holistic vets, alternative treatments, and natural & raw food diets. Merlot is doing quite well these days!  



The staff:
Merlot - editor-in-chief:
(aka Nic) a streetwise kitty with intelligence, charm and good looks to spare.

Juno - jr. editor:
(aka Scooby), the kitty who may be sneaking out for an occasional espresso - how else do we explain those wild bursts of energy as he runs in circles around the office?

Luna - art director:
(aka Blu), with the cool looks and discerning air of a high fashion model (and the appetite to match).

Lola, the human in this partnership, enjoys contributing to the health and well-being of cats everywhere. She runs this site in her "spare" time and welcomes suggestions and contributions of experiences from cat lovers everywhere. Living with the other "staff members" has been a learning experience that she would like to share.